Premium System for Affiliates & Networks

If you are an affiliate or publisher, then you need AlgoLead. Running campaigns and optimizing based on a gut feeling is simply not good enough; you need facts, and the truth is in the numbers!

AlgoLead is a powerful marketing solution that lets you track, monitor, analyze, automate, optimize and earn more. From the first click to conversion and beyond, AlgoLead gives you the tools you need to be the best marketer you can be. With the AlgoLead API, you can send your traffic directly to any brand or platform with ease and all your traffic data will be tracked.

Key Features of AlgoLead

  • Track, monitor and analyze traffic, conversions and more
  • Auto-optimization that sends your traffic to the best funnel or brand based on a range of criteria, such as:
  • Best conversion times
  • Best conversion rate
  • Language / Country
  • Specific brands or funnels
  • And so much more...
  • Collect user specific data including IP, device, platform, browser, location and more
  • Easy integration into brands, affiliate platforms and networks with our easy to use API
  • Gain access to some of our best proven and optimized funnels
  • Integrate your own funnels and sales processes
  • User-friendly dashboard that lets you manage, automate and streamline your business
  • Powerful analytics and reporting to help you make the best and most informed decisions
  • Automated and fully configurable email & SMS swipes
  • Dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of AlgoLead

Give your business the tools it needs to succeed, get AlgoLead today!

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